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Publisher and service provider:

City of Schwedt/Oder
The Mayor
Public relations
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5 
16303 Schwedt/Oder

Phone: +49 3332 4460
Fax +49 3332 22116
eMail: stadt@schwedt.de
web site: www.schwedt.eu and www.schwedt.de

Authorised representative:

The town of Schwedt/Oder is a statutory body. It is represented by the mayor Ms Annekathrin Hoppe.

The person responsible for media law and § 6 of the German legal framework for electronic media:

The mayor Ms Annekathrin Hoppe (address as above)

Contact person for the website:

Corina Müller (address as above)
Phone: +49 3332 446205
Fax: +49 3332 446200
eMail: pressestelle.stadt@schwedt.de

Technical implementation:

Brandenburgischer IT-Dienstleister (ZIT-BB)
Steinstraße 104–106, 14480 Potsdam
Internet: www.zit-bb.de


Sandstein Neue Medien GmbH
Internet: www.sandstein.de

Reference to external links:

With the adjudication of 12th May 1998 the regional court in Hamburg has decided that by adding a link one must also take responsibility for the contents of the linked page. According to the regional court this can only be circumvented by explicitly dissociating oneself from these contents.

On our web pages we have placed links to other web pages on the Internet. For all these links the following applies: We explicitly state that we have no influence whatsoever on the design and contents of the linked pages. We therefore and explicitly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked web pages and we do not adopt their contents as our own. This statement applies to all links inserted on our web pages to web pages on other sites.

Notes regarding email traffic:

The email addresses for the town of Schwedt/Oder mentioned on this website are only used for receiving simple messages without signature and/or encryption. The submission of legally binding statements and claims which must be in written form, as the law stands, and which can only be substituted by an electronic document in conjunction with a qualified electronic signature, is not legally possible by electronic means (by E-Mail) to the town of Schwedt/Oder.

As it is not currently possible to respond to all email messages electronically (for reasons of internal administration), users are also requested to supply their postal address in addition to their email address.


The graphics and images used as well as the collection of articles are protected by copyright. All information is for personal use only. Use of our web site for commercial purposes is not permitted. This does not include web pages the use of which has been explicitly authorised by the town of Schwedt/Oder.


Stadt Schwedt/Oder
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5
D-16303 Schwedt/Oder
+49 3332 446-0
+49 3332 22116
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