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The Twin Town of Chojna

Photo: Part of the Marienkirche in Chojna
Part of the Marienkirche in Chojna


Homepage of Chojna: www.chojna.pl

Inhabitants: 7,000

Partnership Contract: December 9, 2004 

Chojna is situated just inside the German-Polish border, only 12 km from the Oder. Schwedt and Chojna suffered a similar fate in the final days of the Second World War. The effects of war resulted in extensive structural damage.

The restoration of the Gothic brick church St. Marien with its soaring spire is one clearly visible sign of Polish-German collaboration. This collaboration still carries on. Individuals, organisations, institutions and businesses develop neighbourly relations which are spontaneous and positive. Many cross-border activities facilitate the process of understanding. There are also good working relations with, among others, the schools in our twin town. Regular bus connections make it easy for people to meet and make contact. Das Tal der Liebe (The Valley of Love) is a favourite tourist attraction for visitors from far and wide.


Stadt Schwedt/Oder
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D-16303 Schwedt/Oder
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