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Industrial Estate "Breite Allee"

Photo: Industrial Estate
Industrial Estate "Breite Allee"

Map: Industrial Estate
Map: Industrial Estate "Breite Allee"
The commercial area and industrial estate "Breite Allee" was arranged for manufacturing industries and all sorts of other producers. As it is located in the immediate vicinity of the refinery "PCK Raffinerie GmbH", the area is already industrially characterized. In the industrial estate "Breite Allee" it is possible to convert existing buildings to other forms of use, to replace existing structures and to use spaces that have not yet been built up.

The area is fully developed. Small as well as large lots are available. The area comprises a total of approx. 19 hectares. Three of these hectares are available as locations for new investors.

Some part of the area is owned by the City of Schwedt/Oder itself. Several private owners own the other lots.

The companies "A & E G. Dittrich GmbH" and "3S Gesellschaft für Abriss und Recycling mbH" have already established on the industrial estate "Breite Allee". Other areas are used by the City of Schwedt/Oder and the German federal financial administration.


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