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The Twin Town Leverkusen

Photo: Town hall of Leverkusen
Town hall of Leverkusen

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia

Homepage of Leverkusen: www.leverkusen.de

Inhabitants: 162,000

Partnership Contract: December 1989

Originally begun as a partnership between East and West Germany, this relationship has supported the City of Schwedt/Oder in many ways, especially during the first few years after the Wall came down. The exchange of views and help between both municipal authorities was carried out openly and in an uncomplicated manner. The Schwedt/Leverkusen Centre for Economic Information provided consulting free of charge for questions pertaining to the setting-up of businesses. Visits made by citizens of both cities contributed to a better understanding between the West and East. Contacts were established in almost all spheres of social life, including culture, sports, education and club activities, which continue to this day. During the flooding in 1997, the City of Schwedt and its citizens experienced the generous aid supplied by the City of Leverkusen. In 2005, Schwedt participated in Leverkusen's garden festival.


Stadt Schwedt/Oder
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5
D-16303 Schwedt/Oder
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