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Industrial Estate "Paper Mills"

Photo: Company Butting
Photo: Company Butting

The first paper mill in Schwedt/Oder was established in 1959, at the same time when the petroleum processing plant (today the "PCK Raffinerie GmbH") was set up. Thanks to its four independent paper manufacturing and processing factories, the city has meanwhile become one of the largest locations of the paper industry in Germany. The two paper manufacturers "LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH" and "UPM GmbH" make magazine paper, liner and newsprint paper out of 100% recycled paper. The Brandenburg wallpaper manufacturer "Tapeten Schwedt GmbH" and the "Hartmann Schwedt GmbH", which makes egg cartons out of recycled paper, work in related, closely connected fields of the paper industry.

On the industrial estate "Paper Mills", the "Butting GmbH & Co. KG" has established a firm producing containers and pipelines. Other firms which have settled in the area include a Munich-based firm working in the field of data and file destruction, the "Akten- und Datenvernichtung GmbH", along with other enterprises such as the "Alba Uckermark GmbH", the "LEIPA Logistik GmbH", "Krüger & Soyke GmbH" and "P & R Gerätetechnik GmbH Schwedt".


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