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Neighbouring City Angermünde

Photo: The town hall of Angermünde
The town hall of Angermünde

Homepage of Angermünde: www.angermuende.de

Schwedt/Oder has been cultivating close links with the neighbouring town of Angermünde for years. Under the umbrella of the Association for the Structural Development and Promotion of Trade and Industry in Uckermark (Der Verein für Strukturentwicklung und Wirtschaftsförderung Uckermark e. V.) both towns are working on developing cooperation between the towns. Areas of activity include collaboration between both tourist associations, reciprocal support in organising and arranging regional education and trade fairs and town projects such as the 775th anniversary celebrations in Angermünde in 2008 and Brandenburg Day 2010 in Schwedt/Oder. The association regularly organises joint consultations for town councillors from both towns, in which delegates discuss benefits, initiatives and aims for promoting and developing cooperation between the towns.


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