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The Twin Town of Moryń

Photo: Town hall of Moryń
Town hall of Moryń


Homepage of Moryń: www.moryn.pl

Inhabitants: 1,600

Partnership Contract: October 3, 2000

The partnership agreement was originally made with the town of Vierraden. With the incorporation of Vierraden (into the town of Schwedt), Schwedt "inherited" the twin town of Moryń.

Moryń can look back on more than 700 years of history. The town which lies between woods and a lakeside still retains much of its medieval character. The local history association of the Schwedt district of Vierraden has for years been cultivating the partnership with Moryń in the areas of tourism, culture and sport. Both parties work together closely on municipal, cultural and sporting levels. One of the recent highlights in the relationship was the international run round the town of Moryń and the Moryń Lake (in Poland) to celebrate the 700 year anniversary of the town of Moryń in which athletes from Schwedt/Oder took part.


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