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The City of Schwedt/Oder is part of the Uckermark, presenting itself as an economic centre and as one of the major industrial sites in the state of Brandenburg. Refineries and paper mills are the pillars of Schwedt's economy.
Furthermore, such branches as the metalworking industry, the chemical processing industry, transport and logistics, as well as various public and private service providers shape the economic structure of the city. In the past few years biotechnology enterprises have also established themselves in the city – in close proximity to industries and agricultural areas.

Since 2005 Schwedt/Oder has been a regional centre of growth in the state of Brandenburg. The existing commercial and industrial areas in our city offer ideal conditions for companies wishing to settle in the area.

Place for fairs

Schwedt/Oder is the location of the regional fair named "INKONTAKT": www.inkontakt-schwedt.de

Trade directory



Photo: The city with PCK
The city with PCK. 2013

Local data

Area and population | General economic data | Communal costs


Photo: PCK Raffinerie GmbH
PCK Raffinerie GmbH

Structure of economy

The City of Schwedt/Oder is the economic centre of Uckermark and is among to the big industrial sites in Germany.


Photo: Industrial park
Industrial park

Industrial and trading estates

Industrial Estates "Port", “PCK Raffinerie GmbH”, "Paper Mills", "Breite Allee", “Berkholzer Allee”
Technology and Founder’s Centre in the Uckermark Region


Photo: Town Hall
Town Hall, Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5

Department for Communal Business Development

Mr. Philip Pozdorecz, Town Hall, Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5, D-16303 Schwedt/Oder
Phone: +49(0)3332 446-322, Fax: +49(0)3332 22116



Stadt Schwedt/Oder
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 5
D-16303 Schwedt/Oder
+49 3332 446-0
+49 3332 22116
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